Fall is my favorite season for many reasons.  Some of those reasons are the cool crisp air, college football, the colors changing and the decorations of the season.

One of those decorations are pumpkins. Why I like pumpkins? I have no idea.  Perhaps I associate them with when I was a child and going trick-or-treating for candy.

MLive is reporting on a man named Gene Rhodes, who has come to be known as the “Pumpkin Man”.   Gene’s family farm, which has been in his family since 1885, is alongside of M-43 in Kalamazoo County.

Gene says that his farm sells approximately 200 tons of pumpkins every year. But as Gene said:

I sell a product and give away memories

I really do like that saying. I have always told me children that life is about making memories in between all of the rest of living you must do.

Sure, Gene sells about 15 different varieties of squash and pumpkins. But he believes that most people come to see his farm, which is described as pumpkin-themed and almost “to the point of amusement-park-level whimsy”.  Everything in his home and around his property is pumpkin themed.

Is there a “Pumpkin Woman”?  Yes there was, but unfortunately she passed away in 2012.  About that Gene said:

My best friend wanted her to come live with him and leave me…My best friend’s name is Jesus Christ.

Meet the "Pumpkin Man" with a YouTube video provided by MLive:

So if you are looking to make a memory, go check out the “Pumpkin Man’s” farm this fall.

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