As Battle Creek restaurants struggle through the pandemic and related shutdowns, there’s a knight in shining armor to help, and also make sure you have some dining options.   How many times can you go through that same fast-food drive-thru before you’re ready for something else?

Last March, when it first became apparent that it wasn’t going to be business-as-usual for local eateries, local entrepreneurs, Jonathan Galbreath owner of Jonic IT, Michael and Steven Pignataro owners of corePHP and the Small Business Development Office of the City of Battle Creek got together with a way to help.    The result was an online ordering and delivery system, much like that of DoorDash and GrubHub, to support local food-based businesses within Battle Creek and the surrounding communities at a fraction of the costs of the existing platforms.  The result was Eats BC.  So far, the app had brought $200,000 to nearly two dozen local restaurants.

EatsBC also serves as a real-time directory for dining options within the Battle Creek Community.

It is easy to use.  Just visit or download the app on your phone and order.  You can choose to take out or delivery.

Galbreath and the Pignataros were guests on the WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, and announced a special offer for FREE delivery this weekend, through Sunday, December 6th.  The first 100 take out orders will have the $5 delivery fee waived.  Just use the promo code “WBCK” (in all caps) to get the free delivery.

EatsBC is headquartered at 245 West Michigan in Battle Creek.  The building has a huge “Believe in Battle Creek” mural painted on the side.

For more information, search Eats BC on Facebook.

Believe in Battle Creek -TSM Photo
Believe in Battle Creek -TSM Photo
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