The Michigan Retailers Association this week is resuming its series of de-escalation webinars. There’s a cost. But programs provide information for stores about how to try and defuse customers who get angry about enforcement of the Governors virus closing orders and restrictions. Since the Governor enacted her latest statewide order requiring all of us to wear a mask while indoors at a business, many state residents have said that is a line in the sand and are refusing to do that. They’ve taken out their frustration on the store employees attempting to follow the Order. Some residents just refuse to wear a mask. Others have medical conditions that are worsened with breathing impairment created by masks. And medical privacy laws make it impossible for stores to determine what to do.

The retailer’s association is charging $5 for members to participate in the online training sessions, and $20 for non-members.  Two versions are being offered this week and next. One deals with difficult customers. The second helps stores determine how to respond when customers get violent.  The company providing the training is the same one that works with the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association training restaurant and bar employees how to deal with drunk customers.

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