How far are they going to take this White Supremacy theory?  Will they actually harm their own children’s future with it?  The answer is looking more and more like they will.

The Washington Times is reporting that the state of California educational officials is thinking about applying a social justice model for teaching mathematics in their K-12 grades.


Because they say they need to erase “White Supremacy” from math along with eliminating classes for gifted students.  You really have to ask the question if these people actually believe they are intelligent or are they just “gifted” people kind of in that special way and they do not realize it?

Do these people actually believe that expecting these students to come up with the correct math answer is racist?  I believe it is actually the other way around, they call it the soft bigotry of low expectations. That phrase was originally coined by Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush. It refers to the fact that the Democrat's approach when it comes to non-whites, especially in the black community, is actually based on the notion that they are unable to achieve success in American society. Thinking that non-white children cannot come up with the correct answer is actually extremely racist.

Three mathematicians from Princeton University, New York University and the University of California, Irvine, were quoted from an article they wrote:

“Ill-conceived [diversity, equity and inclusion] policies, often informed by CRT, and the declining standards of K-12 math education feed each other in a vicious circle, which is in time going to affect the entire mathematics profession and, more broadly, all STEM disciplines,”

William Happer, professor of physics emeritus at Princeton University stated:

“It is absurd to accuse mathematics as being ‘racist’...We use Indian numerals that come to us through the Arabs. There are still lots of distinguished mathematicians in India who speak the same worldwide mathematical language as mathematicians in North America, Europe, the Arab world, India, China, Japan, Africa, South America, etc...Greek geometry, much of it borrowed from Egypt and Mesopotamia, is still one of the most sublime human achievements”

Could Michigan be on the same chopping block of insanity, school districts in Oregon, Washington and Virginia are also experimenting with “anti-racist math”?

Easy solution for stopping this insanity.  Anyone who believes and promotes this; expecting correct math answers is racist bologna, can be the first to:

  • drive in cars
  • ride in trains
  • fly in planes and rockets
  • take vaccines 
  • take medication
  • go under anesthesia
  • travel over bridges
  • work on the upper floors of high rises
  • use smartphones
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Built or created by people who were never expected to come up with the correct answer in their math courses.

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