Five Calhoun County Commissioners have written a letter to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, expressing "severe concerns" regarding her latest Executive Orders in the handling the COVID-19 crisis in the state.

The five who signed the letter are Board Chairman Steve Frisbie, and Commissioners Derek King, Kathy-Sue Vette, Tommy Miller and Gary Tompkins.   District 2 Commissioner Rochelle Hatcher and District 3 Commissioner Jake Smith did not sign. In the letter. the five commissioners stated they were fine with some of the things being done in Michigan.

"As spouses, parents, employers, and County Commissioners it is easy to understand the importance of doing all we can to stop the spread. Asking people to social distance, wash their hands, wear masks in public, and preventing large public gatherings was an excellent reaction to stem the spread. Those measures have largely worked."

But the group took exception to many things the governor has done, or has been slow to do.

"The federal disaster request was slow and reeked of politically motivated distraction. When the federal officials arrived and began assisting, Michigan quickly moved toward being better off. We hope that is a lesson learned. Partnering for the good of the collective citizens should never be diluted by political fights."

But the biggest criticism in the letter was about the most recent executive action by Governor Whitmer.

"The latest round of Executive Orders appears to be written from a standpoint that you believe Michigan citizens are not capable of knowing how or why to protect themselves. Business owners and citizens are now impacted beyond reasonable and prudent measures. A business owner certainly considers themselves essential and we agree. They are essential to the economy that supports and allows our great State of Michigan to thrive. Your actions are creating a mess that will result in mass bankruptcies and mounting unemployment. "

Other highlights of the letter include:

"Many citizens have now gone a month without a paycheck. You and most government employees have not experienced a loss of income."

"....the unemployment system in Michigan is not functioning well. Many people are expressing frustration in attempting to or being rejected in applying for benefits."

"We implore you to work with the business community to identify parameters that must be implemented in order to allow owners and employees, who are the backbone of our State’s economy, back to work providing for themselves and their families."

:"Executive Orders restricting retail business owners, such as those who own greenhouses, gardening, outdoor supply, and many others, are baffling at best."

"Lawn & Landscape businesses often work alone or in small teams to provide services to citizens. During their work, they can maintain a proper distance from one another. How is restricting those business owners and employees from operating lowering the threat of virus spread?  Keeping grass and weeds under control will help prevent our mosquito borne threats of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) from resurfacing as we head into the warm season."

The letter also questions restrictions on boating, interstate travel, and medical restrictions that have actually led to layoffs of critical health workers.

Click below to read the entire letter.


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