Ford is continuing its effort to restore portions of Detroit, particularly near the Michigan Central Station area. Ford has made numerous property purchases in the area to restore the historical sight and return it to a hub of transportation.

Located at the corner of Rose and 17th St, Ford purchased a historical church sight that was once known as St. Paul’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church.

As a church, the building was most recently known as Grace to Grace Christian Fellowship, but it closed without much rhyme or reason, at least on public record in a quick search. It's located next to a school that was related to the church at one point, photos of the abandoned school building can be seen here. It's not clear if the school building is a part of Ford's purchase.

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Google Maps

As a business, the building was most recently known as Assemble Sound, a record label and recording studio founded in 2015. The label appears to still be active on socials and was clearly proud of its home as the church is featured prominently on the label's website and Twitter (or X) profile header.

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“Though we are not actively looking to acquire additional properties around Michigan Central, we felt this historic church was an important exception,” said Catherine Kelly, head of communications and editorial for Michigan Central Station, according to Ford Authority. “Like the previous owners at Assemble Sound, we were deeply concerned about the long-term status of this 19th Century church and believe it to be an important piece of our neighborhood’s history. Like our neighbors, we want to see it preserved, and we are going to do everything we can to do so.”

Ford reportedly paid $1.5 million for the church and two other unspecified buildings near the church. The church's steeple will be restored, but beyond that, it isn't clear what purpose the building will serve outside of its history being preserved at Michigan Central Station.

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