According to our dear government's Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis, Michigan's economy had the fastest growth in the Midwest for the 2nd quarter of 2016. Not only are we #1 in the Midwest we are in the top 10 nationally.

Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was up 2.3%, ahead of Ohio at 1.9% followed by Wisconsin at 1.6%, Indiana by 1.2%, and Illinois at 1%. Also that 2.3% growth ranks us 8th nationally.

Gary Wolfram, a professor of economics at Hillsdale College was quoted in a Michigan Capitol Confidential news site stating:

Michigan’s economy has become more diversified as the national economy has slowly recovered. Michigan is benefiting from its movement toward a more certain tax and regulatory environment. Markets dislike uncertainty with regard to government intervention in the economy, and the rewards of getting rid of the Michigan Business Tax and the consistent election of legislators that understand the importance of letting people act according to their own plan are being felt and will continue to be felt.

The main problem with President Obama and the Democrats policies was the fact that they were and are putting the brakes on an economy that wanted to break out and start sprinting. We see that after the election of Donald Trump the economy is starting to take off even before he get's into office. Government is needed to a point but the policies and quite frankly the ideologue of the Democrat party is to always over regulate everything.

Another plus to an increasing economy is what I and many believe is the only way you can reduce poverty and increase opportunities of or all.

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