About two dozen local citizens came to downtown Marshall on Friday to protest the recent actions of Michigan Governor Whitmer.  Just as the Governor was finishing extending her Stay Home order, the group assembled at the Calhoun County building and then walked to the Brooks Memorial Fountain.

The rally was promoted by a new group, Michigan United for Liberty.   Director Wendy Darling spoke on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins on Friday.  She said the group formed on March 28th.

“There’s lots of people that are unhappy, so we worked super hard to pull it together, ���said Darling.  “We’re seeing that this is not a partisan issue. “  She says a lot of life-long democrats are coming to their events and telling her this was the breaking point for them.   “We just want to bring people from all walks of life and stand up to oppression.”

Darling says that they are being censored by Facebook, since filing a lawsuit this week against the Whitmer administration.  Darling says the intent of the lawsuit is “to make sure that the executive branch cannot take over the legislative branch ever again.”  Darling charges that an executive order by Whitmer after their filing will effectively shut down the courts because “she doesn’t want to deal with our lawsuit.”   She said they’re filing an emergency motion to get their case heard.

Freedom Friday has 10 events across Michigan with people protesting.   Darling and her fellow protesters dispute the results of polls claiming that citizens support Governor Whitmer, and dismiss those polls as “fake news.”   Darling hopes people will peacefully express their opinions at rallies, and follow the law and stay six feet apart.   She said masks are optional for outdoor events, and wearing them is a personal choice.

The protesters in Marshall chose not to wear masks, and also chose to ignore social distancing measures for the most part.

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