If a TV show host on the left is stating on her show that the NRA wants to have “warlords” with their own “private armies” what do you believe she wants to bring to America?

The Washington Times is reporting about a MSNBC TV show host who fancies herself a bit of a pundit who believes that the National Rifle Association (NRA) wants an America where “packs of warlords” can “kill at will”.

Really Joy, is that how you see it?  Might you be exaggerating a bit?  I am going to bet that her or her company has “packs of warlords” that protect herself and her building, what you do have to say about that?

She then followed up that tweet with the following;

What she and people that think like her want is total confiscation of our guns. That is the only thing that will make them feel safe I guess. But then what are they going to say when these mass shootings and terror attacks continue, who will they blame then?

White males I would assume.

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