Take it easy on me, I'm a millennial so I don't know much about retirement or expect to ever be able to. That said, I thought folks were supposed to move south when they retired?

Growing up about 30 minutes from Florida, I always heard all about how people love to retire to the Sunshine State. Why not, right? Great tourist destinations, beaches within a reasonable drive in any direction and of course, year-round hot weather.

While there are certainly tourist destinations and some nice waterfront opportunities in Michigan, that last one usually gets to older folks. Harsh winters tend not to be so forgiving on our friends and family members with an abundance of life experience.

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Nonetheless, Cheapism released an article naming some of the most underrated retirement locations to move to and if any state was sure to fit the bill, it's the state snowbirds tend to move away from.

According to their article, Warren, Michigan, is one of 23 underrated retirement locations to move to in the country due to its low cost of living - that is, if you're a snowbird who happens to actually like the snow.

Warren's cost of living is well below the national average, as is the entire state of Michigan. The average price for a home is just $173,700, which is also well below the national average. Being so close to Detroit, there are plenty of reasonable activities for retirees to enjoy near the water while also being near routes to the Upper Peninsula, Canada and Ohio, if you're into that sort of thing for some reason.

It's worth pointing out that Warren is also one of the best-run cities in the state, as well as one of the safest, and a great place to move to for first-time homebuyers. While it also topped a list of the state's trashiest cities, Warren is clearly a city on the rise.

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