A part of Union City’s skyline has changed after it was torn down from standing for almost a century.

The water tower located on High Street near the St. Joseph River was taken down after standing and supplying water to the village for 97 years. It was announced on Monday, April 27th, on the village's Facebook page that the tower would be deconstructed, shutting down High Street from Ann to Broadway.

According to Village Manager and Police Chief Chris Mathis, the old tower went online in 1923 and had pumped four-billion gallons of water to village residents over 96 years. The tower held 75,000 gallons of water.

The village turned on their new water tower that is on the west end at the corner of Goodwin and Dirks drives last November. The new water tower supplies 150,000 gallons of water for the village, double the amount of the old tower. Funding for the new tower came from a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant for rural development.

A good majority of the tower was taken down today and is expected to be completed by Thursday. A video was posted on the Village of Union City's Facebook page this afternoon.

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