Battle Creek residents may find that their water may be cloudy or discolored, over the next few weeks.

The annual hydrant flushing will begin the week of September 7th and completed at the end of the week of September 21st. During this time, sediments are stirred-up and may discolor your laundry, during washing cycles. Crews will flush hydrants overnight, from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The overnight work schedule helps minimize the inconvenience to customers and allows the water to stabilize in the mains before the regular daily water demand begins.

The Hopeful Game plan:

  • Week of Sept. 7 – Area north of Dickman Road, to include Bedford, and the northern part of the Emmett Township water system.
  • Week of Sept. 14 – Area south of Dickman, working out to the Fort Custer Industrial Park.
  • Week of Sept. 21 – South to Beckley Road, and the end of Capital Avenue SW.

The flushing process often results in cloudy or discolored water. Crews do what they can to limit this, and the water is safe during the process. You could see discolored or rusty water in the area crews are flushing, as well as in adjacent areas. If you have discolored water, the City recommends running water at the cold taps in your home or business.

City officials say that flushing hydrants and water mains provide several benefits. Regular flushing provides water of the highest quality to their customers. It also allows crews to verify that the water system is operating properly, and identifies areas that require maintenance and/or repairs. This process also ensures that fire hydrants are ready for use, should the Fire Department need them.

The City appreciates everyone’s patience as they perform this work on the infrastructure.

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