We have been told by the Main Stream News that the caravan of Central American immigrants goal to reach the United States is due to their concern over their safety in their home countries.

Well apparently that is not true if you believe a new study reported by The Washington Times and commissioned by the Reflection, Research and Communication Team, which is affiliated with the Roman Catholic order of Jesuits in Honduras.

According to the study there are relatively few Hondurans fleeing violence in their country.  More than 80% polled in Honduras told the group conducting the study it really is all about better opportunities elsewhere.

I understand their need and want to find a better living, but you must ask yourself do these immigrants’ illegal or legal really help us in United States.  My main concern is for people who are citizens of the United States first finding good paying jobs and then we should allow legal immigrants in if needed to keep our economy growing.

Because of the bad economic situation in Honduras 44.3% of citizens of Honduras said they are looking to emigrate and more than likely I see them wanting to immigrate to the good old United States.

It is just basic economics that concerns me, we only have so many jobs and should we not first allow citizens to have the ability to have those jobs.  With less people via for these jobs we will see a raise in wages as we have been seeing already here in the United States.

The percentage of Hondurans who said they were thinking of emigrating because of violence is actually down 33% compared to the same survey released a few years ago.  That is good news for the Honduran people but the fact they want to immigrate to the United States is not necessarily good news for us.

We cannot provide jobs and or welfare for anyone who wants to immigrant to the United States whether legally or illegally. We should first be concerned for the people already living in the United States before we are concerned with providing jobs and or welfare to the rest of the world.

It is simple, provide for your family first before you can provide for others.

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