Who doesn't love a good conspiracy? Okay, that might be a touchy question in 2023, but some conspiracies can be much more lighthearted, especially this one.

That said, we all have opinions on the more common conspiracies out there. Like, we all know birds aren't real, right? And Area 51 is totally filled with aliens.

For every discussion turned argument in the office about whether the moon landing was real or staged, there's a handful of conspiracies that even the most logical, forward-thinking and reasonable person can agree is definitly happening not only right under our noses but directly in front of our faces.

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Cheapism recently wrote an article on the top conspiracy-related road trip destinations across the country and the usual suspects were there. the aforementioned Area 51 in Las Vegas, the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles and the Safeguard Complex in North Dakota dot the list. All reasonably and somewhat terrifying additions to the list with varying questions surrounding each conspiracy.

But the lone addition in the Midwest, the lone addition from the state of Illinois is by far the most hilarious and without a doubt most true conspiracy on the planet. Cheapism listed Chicago Mattress Firms as on of the top conspiracy road trip destinations in the entire country.

Now, for anyone who may be in the dark on the Mattress Firm conspiracy, essentially it boils down to this one simple question: How can there be so many mattress stores in a single city when next to nobody ever goes in them? Do people really buy beds often enough to justify brick-and-mortar retail shops for mattresses? Surely it has to be a money laundering scheme, right?

Ask five people you know, and see what conclusions they come to on this one. You'll be surprised how many people subscribe to this conspiracy.

Mattress Firm has over 3,500 national locations. Chicago has a bizarre number of locations though, as you can see below.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Roughly 2.697 million people live in Chicago. Sure, folks will have to buy mattresses more often with that high of a population, but why do I feel as though every one of these locations is empty right now with one or two employees max?

Well, Midwesterners, if you're looking for the most bizarre conspiracy destination in your backyard this Halloween season, look no further than every street corner of Chicago.

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