Two men criminally accused in Michigan and New York of being prolific “Robocallers” are facing a list of related charges. A judge handling their case in New York is ordering an unusual action.  He’s telling the Robocallers, they need to correct false information given to thousands of people with their robocall operation. They need to make the correction, you guessed it, with yet another robocall.

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The federal judge in New York is ordering Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl to make what he calls a “curative” robocall to anyone who was on the receiving end of their August 26th call that may have reached as many as 85,000 people. At least 12,000 are believed to be in the Detroit area.  The two are criminally charged with using their robocall operation to attempt to intimidate voters from using mail-in ballots.

The order requires the new corrective call to be carried out by 5 pm this evening (Thursday, October 29, 2020).  The call must also include specific language ordered by the court to clarify the intent of the call:
“At the direction of a United States district court, this call is intended to inform you that a federal court has found that the message you previously received regarding mail-in voting from Project 1599, a political organization founded by Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, contained false information that has had the effect of intimidating voters, and thus interfering with the upcoming presidential election, in violation of federal voting-rights laws."

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is applauding the federal court ruling from New York. Michigan prosecutors get their own crack at the two men later today during a preliminary examination on criminal charges in a Detroit District Court.  The two were arraigned on the robocall charges here in Michigan on the first of the month.

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