criminal charges

Is Former Governor Snyder Being Railroaded?
Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is the first in Michigan’s history to be charged with a crime relating to actions as the state’s chief executive. He and a handful of former staffers are charged with crimes relating to the Flint water contamination mess...
Judge Orders Robocallers...To Make Another One
The federal judge in New York is ordering Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl to make what he calls a “curative” robocall to anyone who was on the receiving end of their August 26th call that may have reached as many as 85,000 people. At least 12,000 are believed to be in the Detroit area.
Video Of Lakeside Academy Death Is Released
Detroit area attorney Geoffrey Fieger is representing the estate of the teenager who was killed at Lakeside Academy in Kalamazoo in late April. Fieger is releasing surveillance video showing much of the incident at the Lakeside cafeteria.