Bronson Healthcare has announced plans to begin construction on an new building as part of its regional cancer program, which is expected to start this May. The building will be a five-story, 85,000 sq. ft. outpatient Cancer Pavilion which will have offices for medical oncology, hematology, and infusion services, according to MLive. The buildings foundations will stand on the Bronson Methodist Hospital campus in Kalamazoo on the southeast corner of Vine Street and John Street. Just across from that site rests the Medical Office Pavilion and Vine Street Parking Ramp.

Frank Sardone, the president and CEO of Bronson Healthcare, told MLive how this exciting addition will better help provide excellent care to their patients: "We are working to develop a clinically integrated regional cancer program that provides superior outcomes for the many adults and children who come to Bronson for care. Beyond delivering clinical excellence, our focus is on improving the overall experience for patients and families so that each person’s pathway through treatment is fully understood and supported."

Having something like this available in Kalamazoo is going to be important for those who have transportation issues and have trouble making the trip to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center. Let's hope this will help continue the fight to destroy this horrible disease which has taken so many of our loved ones.

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