We can now update our previous report of our “Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Deputy Involved Shooting in Galesburg” from yesterday. The Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s office has released bodycam footage of that shooting.

First here are some of the facts as reported by MLive and the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s office:

  • A 22-year-old man by the name of R.V. Johnson was shot and killed outside of a Shell gas station on Miller Drive, located just north of I-94, on 35th Street in Galesburg.
  • Prior to the shooting Mr. Johnson had requested that one of the employees at the Shell station call 911. Eight minutes before he was shot the employee did call 911 and they responded.
  • From the video below you can see that Mr. Johnson was wielding a knife and pointing it at the officer.

When the police officer first arrived he asked Mr. Johnson “what’s up?” and “what’s going on?”.  He then noticed Mr. Johnson pointing something at him and said “what’s that?” Mr. Johnson then told the officer to back up.

Mr. Johnson pointed the knife at the officer and started to step toward him.  The officer can be heard telling Mr. Johnson repeatedly “don’t do it” and “put it down, “you don’t want to do that”, “put it down”.  You can hear the officer telling Mr. Johnson multiple times that he will shoot.

Mr. Johnson comes a little closer and the officer shoots once and Mr. Johnson is killed.

The Michigan State Police has been called in by the Kalamazoo Sheriff to investigate this shooting.

Here is the bodycam footage of the incident from the officer involved in the shooting:

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