The trial of a Battle Creek man accused of killing 5 bicyclists with his truck two years ago is finally set to begin.

The Detroit Free Press says jury selection is set for Tuesday for Charles Pickett, Jr. Police say that in June 2016, he had been behind the wheel of his pickup truck while under the influence of drugs, before the truck crashed into a pack of bicyclists travelling on the shoulder of the road in Kalamazoo County’s Cooper Township.

Five of those bicyclists were killed, while four were hurt. Pickett’s girlfriend had told police he took several pain pills and muscle relaxants before driving, and police also found alcohol, methamphetamine and marijuana in his truck after the crash.

Pickett's defense had attempted to find him incompetent to stand trial, but after examination he was ruled competent.

He’s been charged with five counts of second degree murder, and four counts of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury. Pickett’s lawyer says a reckless driving causing death charge would be more appropriate given the evidence.

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