The president of the Kalamazoo NAACP and a local pastor had his home searched yesterday during a sexual misconduct investigation.

WWMT reports that the Michigan State Police were at the Rev. Strick Strickland’s home for several hours Thursday, as they executed a search warrant at the residence on Prairie Ave. Authorities say that they are investigating allegations from more than one victim on charges of criminal sexual conduct and pandering, which the Michigan Penal Code defines as a charge related to procuring a woman for prostitution by threat, persuasion, or promises.

The MSP wouldn’t say who they were investigating, and no charges have been filed as of yet. Of the search, in comments to various media organizations, Rev. Strickland of Second Baptist Church said it was just an attempt to sully his name.

Allegations of impropriety first came to light after the murder of Aniya Mack in Kalamazoo earlier this year. Mack's ex-boyfriend, Donnovan Lewis, allegedly told police that he killed her after he became enraged that she was engaging in a sexual relationship with Strickland. Mack was a member of Strickland's church, and Lewis alleges that Strickland threatened her if she came forward about their relationship. Mack had also been driving a vehicle owned by Strickland's wife.

Strickland denies any sexual relationship, and says that he was in contact with Mack as part of his ministry. Lewis is currently facing a murder charge in her death.

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