A playhouse in Indiana is currently running a show called "Kalamazoo". Cue the viral Tiktok sound from Euphoria that says, "Is this play about us?"

The Brown County Playhouse in Nashville, IN has been providing entertainment for locals since 1949. In fact, according to their website,

the Playhouse was the first summer stock theater to open in Indiana after World War II.

In that time they've shown movies, live shows, musicals and much more. Their latest show, however, may catch the attention of those that live in or around the Kalamazoo area. So, is the play Kalamazoo about us?

Via/ Brown County Playhouse
Via/ Brown County Playhouse

The short answer? It's unclear.

The play, described as The Odd Couple meets the Golden Girls, is about two baby boomers navigating the modern dating world. Peg, a 70-something Irish Catholic meets Irving, a 70-something Jewish East Coaster on an online dating site. Their first date seems to go well as they both wake up with matching tattoos. Sounds about right.

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While the show has been garnishing rave reviews, there's nothing to indicate that it's set in Kalamazoo, Michigan (or any of the other Kalamazoos out there). But, with our relative closeness to Indiana, it feels safe to assume that our town had some sort of influence on this now award-winning play.

Kalamazoo is showing this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (4/8, 4/9, 4/10). Although, if you're in the Kalamazoo area, traveling to see this show will prove to be quite a trek considering Nashville, IN is over 4 hours away.

But, if you're a bit closer to the Nashville area and love romance/comedies dealing with new love, loss, and awkwardness...this show sounds like a must-see. Find all the details on the show and all upcoming events at the Brown County Playhouse here.

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