Connie Louise Goodwin's family and friends had not seen or heard from her in over three years. Her family last saw her on July 13, 2014. Around Christmas and New Year's 2015, a Kalamazoo City bus driver had contact with Connie, who was homeless and residing at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission.

On Tuesday September 25, those searching for Connie Louise Goodwin said they were contacted by someone stating that the missing woman may have returned to Michigan. Family members asked for the public to try and get photo and to contact Kalamazoo Public Safety or Silent Observer.

Finally on Wednesday September 26, Connie's sister not only confirmed the missing woman had been located, but she was able to speak to Connie on the phone.

There are no details on where Connie Louise Goodwin has been all these years but this is a happy ending none the less. Outcomes like this not only give hope to family and loved ones of others that are missing but also raise awareness on how important it is to report possible sightings no matter how much time has passed.

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