Do you remember spending a long day shopping at Kmart and then stopping for a meal at the Kmart Cafeteria?

Kmart Is gone from Kalamazoo and the last one in Battle Creek Closes after Christmas. Taking a look back at Kmart and suddenly I remembered they served food at one time. I asked the Vanished Kalamazoo Facebook page if they remembered the Cafe. Here are some of the responses.

I remember the cafeteria at Gull Rd. We used to get big sub sandwiches there that my mom would cut up before we spent a day at the lake or our trips to Tennessee. - Bridgette Ampey 


I had a friends mom that worked at the one on Gull Road, my mom would take us in for chicken nuggets while shopping. - Kira Urie


I used to take my kids to breakfast or lunch with Santa & the Easter bunny. Fun times! - Janet Wood Holroyd


Grab a tray and make your way through the line. Best apple dumplings ever!!! - Laura Courtney-Hatfield


The pitas and the just sent me back in time....wheres the DeLorean .....- Thomas Elsman


Used ta get a ham sub and an Icee for less than a buck and a half at the Stadium Drive and Drake store. - Greg Gabry


They all had a cafe at one point, all located in the back of each store. Then they were remodeled into fast grab eateries (mostly Little Caesar's) toward the front of the stores, the one on Gull Road being the most elaborate. - Joe Tyria

I searched and found a few videos featuring the cafeteria inside Kmart.

This is an original Kmart commercial from the1990s that not only showed the low prices but a few items today's kids may not have ever seen.

I came across this as a rather cheesy example from 1992 of some high school students video class project.

Do you remember the Kmart Cafeteria?

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