After years of making their own fans angry, the Detroit Lions have shifted gears. And now the other teams' fans are going viral in their anger.




These are all feelings Detroit Lions fans know well, and probably will again by the end of this season. We know better than to get too excited by success.

But right now, the Lions, who have won two straight games while not playing particularly well, are inflicting those feelings on others. Particularly, the Philadelphia Eagles fans, who were flat out made nauseous by losing to the Lions on their home turf in the City of Brotherly Love.

One fan, shown in the video below, has made his way around the internet as a viral example of the nastiness of Philly sports fans.

It turns out, he's kind of a big deal in Philly. He's the dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, Eric Furda.

Losing to the Lions can make even the most intellectual among us pop a vein. Keep it up, boys, we like it!

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