The Sherman Lake YMCA in Augusta is partnering with the YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo entering their second week of collaboration to help kids and families in need. The COVID-19 virus situation and resulting closures have created difficulties for many kids and families to get access to food programs in the area. Both YMCA’s began expanding their work to overcome the access issues. Then while reviewing each other’s efforts, CEO’s Zack Klipsch at Sherman Lake and Dave Morgan in Kalamazoo, figured they could amplify each other’s efforts. The Sherman Lake Y has a large on-site kitchen facility. Both Y’s have extensive distribution networks. Combined, with support from local grocers and food pantries, the two YMCA’s are now providing 1,000 meals per day in their service area. The Y’s distribution of meals to vulnerable families and kids is helping supplement the grab-and-go food distribution efforts of Kalamazoo Public Schools.  While the YMCA’s have the support of local food distributors and food pantries, they are welcoming donations from the general public.

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