Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall was put in lockdown for a time on Tuesday after an unstable individual reportedly caused a scare at the facility. When Marshall Police Officers arrived, they were advised that the man was inside an emergency room bathroom. The 32-year-old was detained and an investigation was completed. It appeared that the man was under the influence of narcotics and also having some mental health issues. He was treated at the facility.

Authorities were originally dispatched to the medical facility on reports of a man with a gun, but it was later determined that the man likely never brought a weapon inside or used one to threaten anyone. A firearm was located in the man's parked vehicle and a warrant is being sought through the Calhoun County Prosecutor`s office for a firearm offense.

The hospital staff is being commended for locking down the hospital and handling this type of situation as they were trained to do. Marshall Middle School also took safety precautions during the incident.

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