The construction season is in full swing and a major two-week project is slated to begin July 27th in the Village of Union City.

The Village announced on July 17th through their Facebook page that 11 roads will see a chip seal application to protect the durability of the streets.

In total, just over 4.6 miles of roadway will receive the treatment, which blends together stone chips and asphalt to build a new surface to drive on. It is normally suggested to drive at the speed limit or slightly below to avoid sending stone chips airborne toward other traveling vehicles.

The Village roads involved in the construction include -

  • North Broadway Street from High to Calhoun (County Line) Street
  • Division Street from Walnut Lane to M-60 (city limits)
  • Charlotte Street from Summit Street to Broadway
  • Barry Street from North Broadway to Union City Elementary
  • St. Joseph Street from South Broadway to city limits
  • Lee Street from South Street to Washington Street
  • Walnut Lane from Calhoun Street to Division Street
  • South Street from St. Joseph Street to city limits
  • Hammond Street from North Broadway to John Street
  • North Park Street from Calhoun Street to High Street
  • Ellen Street from Dewey Street to North Broadway

The project, approved by the Village Council in May and amended in June to add St. Joseph Road to the project, comes with a cost of just over $335,000. Pavement Solutions, Incorporated, based out of Middletown, Indiana, was awarded the bid for the project and will be working in the area for roughly two weeks, weather permitting.

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