Michigan State Supreme Court Justices want more information.  The High Court has listened to arguments from attorneys representing Defendant Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and a small group of Plaintiffs involving a state resident and several medical care facilities. The Plaintiffs contend the Governor's unilateral COVID-19 virus emergency declaration extension and subsequent lockdown and restriction Orders run contrary to Michigan Law. They say the actions prevented medical care from being provided to people in need.

The Supreme Court is zeroing in on the 1945 state law which the Governor is using as the foundation for her actions to refuse input and guidance from the State legislature.  The crux of the argument is that a 1976 state law removes much of the power from the older law and the Plaintiffs say that is what should be followed. The Justices are giving attorneys until next Wednesday to address some fundamental issues including whether the 1945 law was intended to deal with public health issues such as the COVID-10 virus outbreak.  It’s noteworthy that the law does not even mention the word health. The Supreme Court is also reviewing a suit filed by the Stae Legislature challenging the Governor's unilateral moves, skirting the legislature for months.

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