People in Michigan appear to take Happy Hour very seriously. surveyed 3,000 workers asking how often they go out for after-work drinks and what they spend on average. It was found that workers in Michigan spent $1,741 in 2019 on after-work drinks. To put it in perspective, that’s the equivalent of over 650 beers!

Although that seems like a lot of money, Michigan was well below the national average of $3,035 on after-work drinks. Broken down across the country, Kentucky was determined to have spent the most, with an average of over $5,530 per year. Maine spent the least at $1,415.

Around the Midwest, Ohio led the way and Michigan ranked the lowest.

Here's how much was spent on Happy Hour in our region:

  1. Ohio - $3,254
  2. Illinois - $2,971
  3. Minnesota - $2,897
  4. Wisconsin - $2,829
  5. Indiana - $1,867
  6. Michigan - $1,741

You can see a breakdown of how much Americans are spending on after-work drinks across the country with this interactive map:

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