High bacteria counts are putting a damper on Independence Day Weekend fun in Michigan.

Arguably, one of the best reasons to live in Michigan would be the beaches and waterways.  In fact, we have 1,224 public beaches in the mitten state.  Unfortunately, some of those public beaches will be closed this 4th of July weekend due to dangerously high bacteria counts.

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As of Friday, July 2nd, 2021 at 7 A.M. there are 9 total public beaches that are either closed or under an advisory according to the Department of Environmental Quality.

  • Park Lake - Bath Township Park Lake Beach in Clinton County (Contamination Advisory High bacteria levels)
  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads For Youth in Oakland County (Closed due to High bacteria levels)
  • Crooked Lake - Independence Oaks County Park in Oakland County (Closed due to High bacteria levels)
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach in Macomb County (Closed due to High bacteria levels)
  • Silver Lake - City Park Beach in Genesee County (Closed due to High bacteria levels)
  • Ross Lake - Beaverton City Park in Gladwin County (Contamination Advisory High bacteria levels)
  • Elizabeth Lake - ECHPOA in Oakland County (Closed due to High bacteria levels)
  • Grand Traverse Bay-East - Bayside Acme Township Park in Grand Traverse County (Contamination Advisory High bacteria levels)
  • Grand Traverse Bay-East - East Bay Park (Milliken Park) in Grand Traverse County (Contamination Advisory High bacteria levels)

Some of the advisories or closures list 'stormwater runoff' as the source of the high bacteria counts.  That's not a big surprise considering the large amount of rain and flooding Michigan has experienced over the last week.  Others have 'unknown' listed as the source.

You can stay up to date on beach closures on the Department of Environmental Quality website by clicking here.

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