The Mitten State is such a fun place to drive. Now that the sun is out and warmer weather is sticking around for Spring, Michigan will showcase its beauty from one Great Lake to the other.

Of course, driving out to those Great Lakes will soon be in the plans for many in Michigan or those visiting the state. There's plenty to do in Michigan no matter where you're headed, but the view on the way is sure to be an excellent appetizer.

Michigan is home to many scenic drives with awe-inspiring views from the driver's seat. One such scenic drive made Reader's Digest's list of the top 40 scenic drives in America.

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Reader's Digest didn't list the drives in any particular order and made no distinction of which they felt was the best. That said, the love shown to Michigan on the list was thanks to one of the state's top summer attractions, Lake Michigan.

Of course, with only 40 slots, not everything we hold dear here in Michigan could fit onto the list.

That said, it's curious why some other scenic drives weren't chosen such as the Mackinac Bridge or the Brockway Mountain Drive. The Upper Peninsula deserves its flowers too.

The scenic drive Readers Digest chose is still an awesome choice. The drive follows all 116 miles of Michigan State Highway 22 from Manistee to Traverse City.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The drive takes about 2.5 hours nonstop, though there are plenty of attractions along the way to make a full day trip. It's one of the best fall foliage trails in the state, but during the warmer months the views of Lake Michigan, Grand Traverse Bay and the many lakes along the way certainly hold their own.

One of the most notable points of interest is Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore a bit over halfway through the drive if you start in Manistee. Several lighthouses and scenic turnouts make for great photo ops too.

Leaving M-22 can lead to some impressive spots too, such as Pyramid Point Overlook and Leelanau State Park.

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