A little over a week ago we saw the gas prices in Michigan rise quite a bit.  They went up from approximately $2.58 to close to $3 dollars.  With that increase Michigan had the largest change in the nation when comparing week-over-week changes.

According to AAA Michigan gas prices fell 8 cents in the last week down to an average of $2.91, again the largest average swing in the nation when compared to the week before.

According to AAA for the Great Lakes and Central:

Unlike most states in the country, Michigan’s gas price average dropped quite a bit on the week: eight cents. Now, Michigan ($2.92) has fallen from the most expensive Great Lakes and Central state to the second spot behind Illinois ($2.94).

With the exception of Michigan, Kentucky (-2 cents) and Kansas (-1 cent) all state gas price averages in the Great Lakes and Central region are more expensive compared to last Monday. The largest jumps on the week were Minnesota (+3 cents), Wisconsin (+2 cents) Illinois (+2 cents) and South Dakota (+2 cents).

Gasoline inventories continue to tighten in the region following the fourth consecutive weekly draw. Total inventories register at the 51 million bbl mark. While this is the region’s lowest measurement for the year, it is on par with levels last year at this time, according to EIA data.

The AAA reports went on to say that the demand for gas has strengthened across the United States, which has pushed prices higher. AAA reported that the current demand rate is "near record-high" and is 1.5% more than it was this time last year.

They went on to state that:

If demand remains robust amid dwindling stocks, motorists are likely to see pump prices continue to increase throughout the summer

The question I have is why are we having such large swings in the state of Michigan.  The AAA report did not address the reason for Michigan’s swings nor could I find any other source explaining these swings in Michigan.

You better fill up when you see the rates fall again because you never know what next week will bring.

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