Many of my listeners contacted me last week to inform me that they had been seeing negative President Trump TV commercials centered on Michigan already.

I told them what I have been advising people for years and that is to never ever believe any piece of political advertising you receive, hear or see.  What you should do with those ad’s is to use them to determine if they bring an issue to your attention that interest you.  If so do your own independent research on that issue attempting to find both sides of the debate or to make it easier on you listen to the Live with Renk Show and we will more than likely discuss it.

These negative President Trump ad’s are being run and paid for by a group called American Bridge 21st Century.  They are a Democratic opposition research group and political action committee that:

In 2017, American Bridge created a new Trump War Room to keep Donald Trump and the Republican Party unpopular in order to lay the foundation for Democrats to retake power in 2018. Our research inundated Republicans with negative news stories – uncovering major scandals, keeping investigations into Trump at the top of mind for voters, and shining a harsh light on cronyism and incompetence in the Trump administration.

Really that is what you do, you have a “war room”, sounds awfully violent and hostile to me.  You also attempt to “inundated Republicans with negative news stories” to move your agenda.  How about just bringing to light the truth?

As I have told my listener's politics is the ugliest most corrupt business out there.  When it comes to the left they never deal with the truth because most of the American people would reject their liberal/socialist agenda. I believe most Americans still believe you should work to provide for yourself and family.

This PAC is spending $3 million on ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, why those states.  Well they say they want to win back the “rural Midwest vote”.  Really us here in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are considered “rural”.  That is what these Liberal/Socialist/Democrat’s think of all of us in flyover land.


According to MLive the woman in the negative hit piece against President Trump is:

Lori Malburg is a Romeo Republican featured in the Michigan ad who suffers from a rare chronic pain syndrome. Malburg said her healthcare premiums increased under the Trump administration.

Malburg said in the commercial:

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I voted for Donald Trump at this point

She is “embarrassed” she voted for President Trump because her health insurance premiums increased.  You have got to be kidding me, that is your complaint and they actually went to air with that.  It’s that all they have, wondering why the Democrats are constantly bringing up false charges against President Trump.

President Trump is doing so well with the economy, jobs, illegal immigration and our standing in the world they need to point to increased health insurance premiums.

Bring it on!


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