Michigan’s House Speaker Lee Chatfield told reporters yesterday that he asked State Representative Larry Inman to resign following the lawmaker’s indictment on attempted extortion and bribery charges

Speaker Chatfield told reporters yesterday afternoon:

I’ve asked Rep. Inman to resign in his official capacity as state representative, and he told me that it would be under consideration

The Grand Traverse County Republican State Representative Larry Inman, has been indicted on charges of attempted extortion, bribery and lying to an FBI agent. Representative Inman has been accused of soliciting money from the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights union.  These charges arose from him allegedly asking the union for money in exchange for a no vote on the 2018 legislative initiative petition to repeal Michigan’s prevailing wage law.

The Grand Traverse County Republican State Representative Larry Inman told reporters:

I have never compromised the integrity of my vote…I have always represented my constituency honestly and legally.

The Communications Director for the Michigan House Democrats, Samantha Hart, said in a statement that the accusations in the indictment are deeply concerning and:

While the Representative is innocent until proven guilty, the House has a responsibility to the people of Michigan to closely monitor the legal process as it unfolds

I do agree with both the Speaker and the Communications Director for the Michigan House Democrats, but I do have one problem.

Back in 2015 Democrat State Senator Virgil Smith physically attacked his ex-wife and then shot at her car.

In fact as reported by the news site ClickonDetroit:

Smith's ex-wife, Anistia Thomas, testified that she went to his home on Wexford Street that night and he let her inside. There, Thomas said, she found another woman naked in the bed.

A fight followed and Thomas said Smith punched her in the face and rammed her head into the floor after she fell into a TV.

Thomas said Smith put his arm into the back of her neck.

"It basically stopped my breathing at that point," she said.

As she left the house, Thomas said she fell over the railing and hit her face on the concrete.

When she got up, she noticed Smith was "holding a big gun in the air."

Smith then allegedly fired several shots into Thomas' 2015 Mercedes.

There were some in Michigan’s Democratic Party leadership that wanted Senator Smith to resign but not all of them as I reported back in 2017.

I commend the Republicans for doing the right thing and only wish all of Michigan’s Democratic Party would have done the same back in 2015.

Yes you are innocent until proven guilty but when you are an elected representative you should be held to a higher standard when charged with felonies in the state of Michigan.

In fact physically assaulting anyone let alone a woman and then shooting up her car is a much more serious crime then plain old corruption.  There is probably quite a bit more corruption among our elected officials then many of us know about.

I believe this does show the integrity of the Michigan Republican Party and hope someday the Michigan Democratic Party will match that integrity.

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