No, we aren't talking about decibel levels in the Big House or Ford Field. Michigan talkers are just loud.

As an introvert with a tendency to mumble when I speak, I get it. No one likes it when you're talking to someone and have to repeatedly say "Huh?" because you can't hear a word they say. But there has to be a line between talking loud enough to be understood and obnoxiously loud. Apparently, Michigan doesn't toe that line and is just screaming at everyone.

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This is all according to a study conducted by Preply, which ranked all 50 states from loudest to quietest. Michigan took home the No. 6 ranking as one of the country's loudest states.

The study was rather straightforward as it surveyed residents asking which obnoxious tendencies they admit to doing in public - from talking in movie theaters, taking a phone call on speaker in public, or even allowing their children to play videos on full blast in public. According to the study, one in five Michigan parents are guilty of that last one.

There were some ironic findings in the study. Maybe Michigan speakers aren't very self-aware as 78% of Michiganders find it rude when people are loud in public. Do as I say, not as I do, eh Michigan?

In the same breath, Michigan's largest city - Detroit - is one of the quietest cities in the study. Despite the state's high ranking as a whole, Detroit was the 7th-quietest of each state's biggest cities.

Never one to back down from confrontation, a quarter of Michiganders say they have confronted someone for being too loud in public. Looks like we can dish it out but can't handle it ourselves huh?

My biggest question is if Detroit is supposedly so quiet, where did they get all of their participants for the survey? Outside of maybe Grand Rapids, Michigan is rather quiet in my experience.

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