Getty Images By: Michael Buckner
Getty Images By: Michael Buckner

According to an article in the Michigan Capitol Confidential, the rate at which Michigan’s unemployment rate has come down during the Snyder Administration has been historic.

In June of 2009 Michigan’s unemployment rate was 14.9%, our unemployment rate last month was 5.4%, that is a 9.5% drop.

That is the fastest drop in Michigan going all the way back to 1976.  We can only go back to 1976 because that is when comparable monthly date started.

Congrats Governor Snyder, elected 2011, and the Republicans in the House and Senate who have been in control since 2009.

Interesting that liberal columnist Stephen Henderson from the Detroit Free Press looks at those same numbers and states “the unemployment has creeped down at alarmingly slow rates.”

Makes you wonder what public school he graduated from?  Or could it just be his extreme bias showing through once again.

Ahhh, to be a “reporter” who leans left and not have to care about facts, must be nice.

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