A man who was believed to have been the oldest living state police retiree in the United States, according to the Michigan State Police, has died at the age of 107. Clarence Bonter, who was also believed to be the oldest living resident in Paw Paw, passed away over the weekend. He was born in Kent County in 1910.

Sgt. Clarence Bonter enlists with MSP on October 1st, 1937

His law enforcement career began in 1936 when he worked as a guard at the Jackson State Prison for a couple of years. After that, he took a job with the Michigan State Police for roughly 30 years working at various posts including Jackson, Battle Creek, Flint, Bay City, West Branch and Paw Paw. Following work in law enforcement, he spent some time working with the U.S. Soil Conservation and also served on the Almena Township Board in Van Buren County. He retired in 1995.

Funeral services for Clarence Bonter will be held 11:00am Saturday morning at the Adams Funeral Home in Paw Paw. You can read his entire obituary HERE.