The co-founder of the Michigan Militia is speaking out and telling members to stay away from the inauguration in Washington D.C.

Norman 'Norm' Olson is known as the co-founder of the Michigan Militia. He and Ray Southwell founded the Michigan Militia, an organized Bill of Rights group established in response to perceived threats on the rights of citizens by the federal government in 1994.

The controversial group has made national headlines since its inception when those convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing were alleged to have ties to the paramilitary group and once again when alleged members were charged with plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in 2020.

Norm described himself to Fox 17 as a propagandist, a cheerleader for the militia, an apologist for the militia, and a researcher for the militia. And according to Norm, the recent attack on the Capitol is anything but how militias are supposed to behave. It is his belief that militia members actually have a responsibility to stop the type of violence and mayhem that took place in the nation's capitol building on January 6th.

In the phone interview with Fox 17, Norm went on to say that he would have liked to see more militia members try to put down this demonstration;

That's not the way the Second Amendment militia acts. Second Amendment militia is well regulated and there was nothing like that, you saw nothing like that in the Capitol building.

The co-founder of Michigan's militia says militias exist to defend the Second Amendment and liberty. Norm refutes claims that militias are anti-government. He stops short of calling the violence at the Nation's Capitol "terrorism" but says he saw a lot of reckless behavior, which he describes as "any behavior that brings discredit to the militia."

Norm, who now lives in Alaska, does maintain his belief that the election was stolen from Donald Trump and believes that is the catalyst for the growing divide in our country.

The best thing you can do to show your absolute contempt is to simply ignore it. Ignore it.

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