The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission's (MICRC) public comment portal opened to the public Wednesday with a MAJOR flaw - commenters are only required to provide their name and an email address.

This means that anyone, from anywhere, can submit comments on communities of interest to the commission, regardless of whether they live in Michigan.

"The Commission should require advocates to release their physical address to ensure out-of-state partisan activists are blocked from spoiling the important work of the Commission," said Ted Goodman, Communications Director of the Michigan Republican Party. “This would also prevent special interest groups from manufacturing testimony and manipulating the process away."

Without an update to the public comment sections, out-of-state left-wing activists and liberal coastal elites will do everything in their power to influence Michigan's Redistricting process.

Michigan citizens are encouraged to email,, to demand that every person who submits a comment disclose their full name and physical address.

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This latest concern follows several steps by the MICRC that raises questions about its independent nature. The Commission hired Democrat donor and activist attorney Bruce Adelson to advise on the redistricting process.   Adelson's donations and partisan rhetoric on social media, and in his academic writings, betrays the independent character of the Commission and creates an appearance of bias.

Here’s a video from the stat that explains what the commission is supposed to do.



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