We have heard for about a year that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the Presidency and after a year ZERO proof has been offered.

We have heard that the Russians used Facebook ads to influence the election and I have still not seen anything to show me how they did that.

We now hear, via reporting by CNN, that Russia used Facebook ads targeting Michigan in their quest to influence the election and still in CNN’s “Exclusive” article they do not or cannot show us one ad they placed.

What exactly is going on here?  I am not stating that I know for sure that Russia did not try to influence our election, I am sure the U.S. government has attempted to influence other countries elections.  In fact there is proof that the Obama Administration attempted to influence the Israeli election.

If I am reading an article stating that the Russians or anyone or group used Facebook ads or ads in any news medium to influence our elections I would expect that the news organization would give us the examples of the ads, wouldn’t you?  How are we supposed to know what was actually stated in those ads so we could determine or judge how they attempted to influence our election.

The fact that they did not give examples is suspicious to me, instead the news organization is just telling us, believe us.  I for one do not believe anything the main stream manipulative news reports these days, I need proof.

Also if we now believe that if a non-citizen or a group of non-citizens is attempting to influence our elections, how is it right that non-citizens in our own country have the right to influence our elections, illegal immigrants I am looking at you?

Does it matter that one group is in our country and another is not?

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