Do you ever wonder if some of our elected officials think about what they say before they say it?

I do not know if the better answer to that question is yes or no.

If the answer is yes than they might not be the brightest people in the bunch because that means that they do not care what they say or have no idea of what they say is opening them up to claims of hypocrisy.

If the answer is no then that again means they might not be the brightest people in the bunch.

Michigan United States Senator Gary Peters stated the other day:

In a time of growing income inequality, public schools can - and do - provide a ladder of opportunity in communities across the nation, urban, rural, and suburban alike. I stand with the many educators and parents in Michigan and across this nation when I say: Mrs. DeVos lacks the experience, qualifications and the right vision to oversee our nation's education system.  Simply put, our children deserve better

Well this first problem with that statement is that Betsy DeVos has worked in the educational field for decades.  They may not like her vision of education for our children but they cannot say she lacks “experience” and “qualifications”.

Second is that fact that our United States Congress has an approval rating in the teens.  I believe if that is what the American people think of our Congress then Senator Peters statement opens him up to the statement in regards to him and his fellow congressmen and congresswomen:

“Simply put, our citizens deserve better” Senator Peters.

Senator Peters do the American people deserve better than you and your colleagues?

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