The weather, Vernors, euchre, just how great the lakes are, and "pop" are just a few things we in Michigan have to explain to out-of-staters.

Vernors: Ginger ale is more than just a cocktail mixer and Vernors is much more than ginger ale.

Pop: We don't call it "soda," and not everything is a "Coke" like in the South. On a hot day, we love an ice cold pop. (Preferably a Vernors or a Faygo.)

Lake Michigan: No, you can't see the other side. *

The Upper Peninsula: Yes, the U.P. is still a part of Michigan and ought to be included on all maps.

The 'D': Detroit is not all there is of Michigan and everything East of Ann Arbor is not a suburb of Detroit.

The Weather: Don't like it? Wait 10 minutes and it will change. It can be 35 in the morning and 84 by afternoon.

The Accent: I don't have an accent, you do.

Euchre: The only time you can talk about trump these days and not start and argument.

The Map: I can show you exactly where I live on the palm of my right hand.

Ted Nugent: Nevermind, we can't explain Ted Nugent either.


Bonus Video: Lake Superior Sunset

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