Pet peeves, we've all got them and often times they put the "Pet" in "Petty" but we all have those things that may seem miniscule to others and are unbelievably annoying to us!

Just recently I was asked what my pet peeves were and I did really have to think about it at first and once I started I could not be stopped! A lot of mine really come down to communication in general but some of them, ohhh boy!

For me, interrupting or talking over people is a big no-no, as well as talking in a patronizing tone, mouth noises (example: hearing people chew), burping/farting in inappropriate settings and a whole lot more I'll spare you from reading.

It's safe to say I have plenty of pet peeves but one I completely forgot about until I read it in a recently released survey by Zippia is one I share with most of Michigan.

According to Zippia's article "Each State's Biggest Pet Peeve" the most states have "slow internet" as their pet peeve which I think is a load of crap because I feel like a pet peeve should be something other people do...but I digress.

Other peeves included: "burping, nail-biting, traffic, pessimism, laziness, and passive-aggressive behavior" but Michigan, oh Michigan, we share one with six other states and that would be "Badly Behaved Kids." 

Now I love kids but once I read this, it was as if I was right back at a Target on a summer afternoon with hundreds of screaming children and not a parent in sight doing anything about it...a nightmare.

Maybe it's the fact I don't want children of my own, or maybe it's the fact that I had the fear of God put into me to never act-up in a store but man does it drive me up the wall!

I absolutely understand parenting is a struggle and sometimes you just have to try to get through the store and the judgmental looks. I try to not be outwardly judge-y, though every fiber of my being on the inside wants to crawl out of my skin....

All in all, what are your biggest pet peeves?

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