Framed Indiana County Sheriff's K-9 incarcerated for stuffed bunny homicide.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about a K-9 puppy who was obviously framed for the murder of three stuffed bunnies. Now Indiana's Putnam County Sheriff's Office says they have their suspect in custody.

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office
Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office
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Putnam County Sheriff K-9 puppy Brody is now serving time for a crime he did not commit. Meanwhile, Putnam County Sheriff's deputies say there must be justice for the stuffed bunnies found brutally torn to pieces.

Photo of one of the crime scenes. Viewer discretion advised

Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana
Courtesy of the Putnam County Sheriff Indiana

A portion of the statement from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office about the capture is below;

We have an important update on the great Bunnycide caper. Suspect in custody!!
Yesterday we had yet another incident at the Sheriff's Office. It was mass carnage in the hallway. Once again a stuffed bunny was found dismembered, but the suspect wasn't finished there! Our suspect then broke into Corporal Brian Helmer's office and began to ransack the place. There were pens, tools, paper and other office supplies stolen from the office and scattered throughout the hallway. On top of that, Corporal Helmer's wallet briefly turned up missing. It would later be located, with drool and dog hair all over it.


Our suspect didn't get away this time though!!! Sheriff Stockton caught him red pawed thrashing Corporal Helmer's office supplies. K9 Brody was taken into custody and brought into the interrogation room for questioning. As you can see from the photos Sheriff Stockton tried his best interview techniques, but Brody resisted and finally demanded his right to counsel. Sheriff Stockton had no other choice but to charge Brody with 3 counts of Bunnycide, theft of office supplies, and unlawful slobbering on a Deputy's personal effects. Colonel Demmings took custody of Brody, issued him his orange jail attire and booked him into our maximum security K9 cell.

K-9 pup Brody aware of his precarious situation and has requested legal counsel from Felling & Felling Law Office. According to Putnam County Sheriff Stockton, Brody has filed numerous complaints regarding his treatment while in custody including but not limited to the following:

  • He's being fed real dog food instead of human food
  • He's not getting any treats
  • The chew toys are inadequate
  • No beggin strips on the commissary list
  • His jail-issued mat lacks the plushness he is used to
  • No one has called him a "good boy" in hours
  • No one is agreeing to tune the TV to Animal Planet
  • Recreational/yard time is inadequate. He's complaining that he needs to go in and out at least 25 times a day


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