The State of Michigan is under increasing pressure to tackle a thorny issue. It’s accused of failing to process unemployment claims for tens of thousands of state residents. That’s not fully addressed as of today. Now we hear the state has sent overpayments to about 3,000 residents to the tune of over eight million dollars. The state Unemployment Insurance Agency vows it will get the money back. What’s making things all the more troublesome according to an agency spokesman is that many of the Michigan residents who got the extra money must have known something was up. He says they moved the money out of their bank accounts making it impossible for the Agency to retrieve the misappropriated millions. The agency admits to finding the goof back in May and was able to correct the problem immediately.

But now in almost every case it’s going to each of the state residents involved and plans to ask nicely for the money back. The agency is asking for voluntary repayment in full. Or it will accept some reasonable arrangements for repayment.

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