Sounds kind of gross at first. Michigan State University has been promoting what at first was called “Spartan Spit”. It is still telling students at the East Lansing campus, “We Need Your Spit!”.

But the University has been backing away from the initial “Spartan Spit” theme and going for a more normalized COVID early detection program kind of promotion. Unlike those seemingly yards-long nasal swabs that feel like they hit the back of your skull, this saliva test that MSU is using has been well accepted among many students. We’ve heard little if any negative reaction from the approximate 1,000 MSU students from Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties.

The early detection saliva test has been a volunteer only offering at MSU since the start of the fall semester.  It is a relatively easy thing to do. You sign up.
Get a text reminder it's time to take a spit swab. Kits are available at several locations around campus. After the sample is obtained, drop the sealed sample at one of a number of drop off locations around MSU.  Test results are sent by text, usually with 36 hours.

MSU administrators are stressing that this advance detection test is intended only for students and staff who are not experiencing any of the potential symptoms of COVID-19, like breathing problems or loss of taste or smell.  In that case, MSU has a string of options ready for students who are symptomatic. But the most immediate include determining if self-quarantine is a good idea and taking all normal distancing precautions.  MSU is telling everyone on campus it is ready to begin phasing out distancing requirements, but only when administrators feel the threat is significantly diminished.

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