According to the University of Michigan's annual economic forecast, Michigan is on track to create 59,400 jobs in 2015.

Only 10 percent of those new jobs will come from manufacturing.

From where does UofM expect the remaining 90 percent of jobs to come? It expects to see them from rapidly growing fields, such as nursing, software development and network security.

The question is: Do you have the skill set to acquire those jobs?

The 10 jobs most needed in Michigan in 2015 are:

  1. Commercial drivers
  2. Ethical hackers (computer network security specialist to defend against hacking)
  3. Specialized nurses and nurse practitioners
  4. Welders
  5. High-tech sales and marketing associates
  6. User-interface software developers
  7. Electronic medical record data specialists
  8. Systems engineers (Systems engineers are responsible for tracking the development and performance needs of an entire product._
  9. Data scientists (Companies may collect reams of data about consumer tastes, sales trends, product performance and distribution costs, but translating that data into actionable steps is difficult)
  10. Computer numeric control programmers ("These are the people that program the machines to do different tasks, and make sure that they operate effectively," )

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