Are you looking for a new career opportunity where you can do something new and different? Very different? Well hot dog, do we have news for you!

Oscar Mayer is looking for the next driver for their famous Weinermobile. In fact, they've already been accepting applications. The company actually made the original announcement on Twitter back in December. But let's be 'frank', perhaps the hustle and bustle of the holidays caused it to escape the radar of most mainstream news outlets. So now everyone is playing 'ketchup' on the story. Or it's just a slow news day. We will admit... we missed it too.

For some reason, on Tuesday the news spread like wildfire across the internet about the opening for "Hotdoggers". According to the application, duties for the Hotdoggers include much more than just driving the weiner on wheels. Tasks also include basically being a traveling public relations firm as well as doing radio, television and print promotions. Applicants should also have a BA or BS preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing. Speaking multiple languages is also said to be a plus.

Applications are being accepted through January 31st. The new drivers will be on the job beginning in June for a one year gig. If you are interested in pursuing this rare opportunity CLICK HERE for more details.


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