There is a chance that the National Hockey League could return August 1.

According to WOOD, the National Hockey League and the NHL Players' Association reached a tentative agreement Monday to finish the season.

The NHL is looking at 24 teams going to the playoffs and unfortunately this will not include the Detroit Red Wings who were having a poor season.

The league is going to use 2 cites to play all the playoff games with a few scrimmage games to be played near the end of July to help players get their game back on before the playoffs would start in August. Those 2 cities are Edmonton and Toronto.

This past weekend, players learned about the new protocols for training camp and playing games. Players will also be given a chance to opt out of the season in case they feel uncomfortable with the idea of playing during a pandemic. Players will only have 3 days to make that decision.

The NHL are still trying to be cautious and are not releasing any more information regarding the agreement to allow some flexibility in case of another spike in COVID-19 infections. The league has not decided where the conference finals or the Stanley Cup Finals will be played yet.

A collective bargaining agreement was also made by the league and players association that will run through the 2025-26 season.

In this CBA there was talk of the NHL becoming part of the Olympics again but that is also still not confirmed.

So the possibilities of hockey returning are here. Since Canada has done a better job handling the pandemic, it just makes more sense to hold the games there.

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