It’s almost that season boys and ghouls. There is a thin, cold crisp to the approaching autumn air. Leaves are beginning to drop off their branches, curling on their descent down, now ready to be crunched under heavy footsteps. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches approach their harvest, ready for their fall visitors to take them home. Hauntings and scares are ready for any and all unsuspecting visitors.  

Michigan is known for its legends and hauntings, so naturally, Halloween and anything remotely spooky makes the chill of those fall nights all the more exciting. Southwest Michigan has a few of these haunts, but one of them has registered with local residents more than others with their haunted attractions. 

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Niles Scream Park 

Having been voted the #1 Nationwide “Top Haunt” by Coaster Nation, Niles Scream Park has been providing fun and scares to local Southwest Michigan residents for years. With attractions ranging from family friendly theater, field of screams, haunted house, and more, their guests have plenty of fun things to choose from for a night of terror. 

In preparing for their upcoming 2022 season, they have heard their fans plead for an updated parking lot. In years past the bumps and holes in their parking fields have made the at night thrill park hard to navigate, especially for black out night when all of the lights in the park are shut off to give the attractions an extra scare level. With the parking lots fixed and ready to go for the new season, maybe the 2022 season will be their biggest yet now that there are more spots to fill. Niles Scream Park 2022 season opens Friday, September 9th. 

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